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Khajurico Hokkaido has been launched in the market adding one more milestone in our biscuit segment of products. It is quality ...
After the sucess of vita milk and glucose biscuit. we offer another range of biscuit khajurico choco choco....

Puff Pastry:
Puff Pastry is a crisp, light pastry consisting of thin layers of dough and margarine created by folding and re-folding. When baked, steam is formed forcing the dough to rise. As baking continues, the steam evaporates and the margarine is absorbed, leaving a high, crisp, flaky pastry.
Cookies are made of soft dough which is baked in a low heat giving a soft texture and freshness. The ingredients that is normally use are soft flour, margarine, sugar and salt. In addition, natural flavors are used to give extra freshness in taste. 

S.No Product Pkt Box Exp
1 Butter Cookies 12 12x1x170gm 12 months
2 Peanut Cookies 12 12x1x170gm 12 months
3 Coconut Cookies 12 12x1x170gm 12 months
4 Vita milk Biscuit 24 24x1x100gm 12 months
5 Vita milk Mini Biscuit 48 48x1x50gm 12 months
6 Puffino Premium Mini 18 18x1x100gm 12 months

Product Catagories:
1. Peanut Premium Cookies
2. Coconut Premium Cookies
3. Butter Premium Cookies
4. Quiminie Premium cookies
5.     Peanut Premium Cookies
6.     Qumine Premium Cookies
7. Tile Cookies
8.     Cherry Cookies
9.     Seasame Cookies
10.   Coconut Cookies
11.   Cocotreat Cookies

1. Mini Vita Milk
2. Vita Milk
3. Choco Choco
4. Glucose Biscuit
5. Creamy Biscuit
6.     Hokkaido Milk Cake

1. Puffino Premium Mini
2. Puffino Regular Grand 
3. Puffino Premium Grand
4.     Puffino Special Mini